Beautiful Autumn leaves of Georgia Mountains inspired us to created this  LIMITED EDITION "Pumpkin Spice" Luxury Goat Milk Soap


This soap is made with FRESHLY BAKED ORGANIC PUMPKIN from our garden. Pumpkin and Goat Milk add a little color,  hydration and richness to the soap. 


We used freshly ground spices of Nutmeg, Clove, All spice and Saigon Cinnamon to add a beautiful aroma and darker color to the soap. 


Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger Essential Oils bring all of it together and deliver that luxurious feeling on your skin after the shower. 


***While we love this soap, and the way it smells, it is worth mentioning that the spices and their oils may be irritating for some people with sensitive skin.***

Pumpkin Spice