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Providing common sense survival tactics for today’s modern woman.

At GRUNT GOAT TACTICAL Defensive Training we offer comprehensive defensive and firearm instruction for women only. We provide group courses and private instruction in a safe and comfortable setting, taught by female instructors.

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GRUNT GOAT TACTICAL Defensive Training

Providing common sense survival tactics for today's modern. 



GRUNT GOAT TACTICAL Defensive Training was founded by Anna Alexandre, a firearms enthusiast and passionate supporter of the Second Amendment. Seeing a strong need for women friendly firearms training, she founded Grunt Goat Tactical Defensive Training in 2018.  Anna's goal is to educate and empower women about safe gun handling, defensive shooting, non-lethal self defense options, as well as their overall situational awareness for avoiding violent crime. 


At GRUNT GOAT TACTICAL Defensive Training, our female instructors provide a softer approach to firearms instruction. Self defense training doesn’t have to be intimidating and we want to empower YOU to be your own first responder. A gun in the hands of a trained citizen can help level the playing field between criminals and their intended victims. 


We will help you build the confidence and capability to avoid dangerous situations, and appropriately deal with many threats. 

Our training programs will enable you to be better prepared to protect yourself, and your loved ones from the ever increasing number of potential threats that exist today. 

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while engaging in any activity or class affiliated with GRUNT GOAT TACTICAL Defensive Training.

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