After a day at the range, I always feel the need for a bit of detoxing and rejuvenation. That desire to hit the reset button inspired this soap recipe, which contains rose clay and charcoal. Both are known for their oil-absorbing properties.

Charcoal in particular binds to dirt and oil in the skin, bringing them to the surface. In these bars, charcoal is sprinkled in between layers to create rustic-looking stripes.

This soap is scented with Premium Perfume Grade Rosehip Jasmine Fragrance Oil: Based on the wonderful Garden Botanika blend, this fragrance is a beautiful blend of the light-heartened Rosehip and the sultry scent of Jasmine. The scent of Rosehip is a sweeter, more "pink" smell than straight rose. When blended with Jasmine, it creates a perfect floral balance.

GUNPOWDER & LACE Luxury Goat Milk Soap

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  • Handcrafted with Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Fresh Goat's Milk, Lye, Rose Clay, Activated Charcoal, Fired Up Fuchsia Colorant, Rosehip Jasmine Fragrance Oil, Rose Petals
    All Silly Billy Goat Farm, LLC products are made with freshest goat milk from our sustainably raised heard, cruelty-free and cold-processed. 
    Our soaps are handmade in small batches from scratch with the highest-quality vegetable based ingredients right here in the US.
    Grunt Goat Tactical Soap is a registered tradename of Silly Billy Goat Farm, LLC