We wanted to create the most luxurious soap you can find by combining amazing Green tea properties with a well known designer fragrance oil.


You HIT THE SILK ejecting from an aircraft and utilizing a parachute.... but what do we deliver in this unique HIT THE SILK luxury goat milk soap?  A bar of soft luxurious goodness and true powerhouse of antioxidants. Try it, and you won't be disappointed. 


Premium Perfume Grade  Elizabeth Arden "Green Tea" Type fragrance oil  delivers a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women. ... Top notes are rhubarb, mint, orange peel, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are carnation, musk, jasmine, oakmoss, white amber and fennel; base notes are caraway, amber, musk, green tea, jasmine, cloves, oakmoss and celery seeds.

Green Tea has natural antioxidants (called catechins) that help fight damage caused by free radicals. 
Green Tea Extract used in this wonderful soap contains Caprylic Capric Triglycerides and Camellia Leaf Extract that believe to be beneficial in any antiaging skin care. 

We make our soaps with Fresh Goat milk is particularly nourishing because of capric-caprylic triglyceride, which helps form a barrier on the skin to help inhibit the loss of moisture. Goat milk also contains vitamins A, D and B6, as well lactic acid which is thought to contribute to skin smoothness. 

Green Tea Seed Oil: Tea seed oil is also referred to as camellia seed oil. This oil has many natural skin benefits and is commonly used throughout China and Japan. This oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the tea (camellia) plant. Because of its non-greasy feel when applied to the skin and hair; tea seed oil is most often used in lotions, creams, soaps, and hair care products.

Consisting mostly of monounsaturated fatty acids (Omegas 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids), green tea seed oil is nutrient rich making it ideal for use in skin and hair care products. This oil is high in skin benefiting vitamins A and B. 

 Matcha, a traditional Japanese tea, has long been known for its abundant antioxidant properties. Combined into a rich blend of organic oils this soap is a great powerhouse of antioxidants that your body will love. 


***GRUNT GOAT TACTICAL SOAP is not associated wih Elizabeth Arden***

"HIT THE SILK" Luxury Goat Milk Soap

  • Handcrafted with Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Fresh Goat Milk, Lye, Green Tea Extract, Organic Matcha Tea Powder, Activated Charcoal, Titanium Dioxide, Green Mica, Green Tea Seed Oil, Elizabeth Arden "Green Tea" Type Fragrance Oil*

    All of our products are made with freshest goat milk from our sustainably raised heard, cruelty-free and cold-processed. 

    Our soaps are handmade from scratch in small batches with the highest-quality ingredients right here in the US.

    *Grunt Goat Tactical, LLC and Silly Billy Goat Farm, LLC are not affiliated with Elizabeth Arden