Burly beards and mustaches are back in style in a big way. 
To keep facial hair looking polished and healthy, beard oil is a must! 

Just like conditioner for the hair, beard oil works to give facial hair essential moisture. 

This beard oil recipe is formulated with lightweight fractionated coconut oil to ensure it doesn’t weigh beards down. 
It also contains luxurious jojoba and argan oils for intense hair loving properties. Argan Oil known to improve elasticity of hair and skin making it smoother and more manageble. 
Aloe extract helps soothe skin, while vitamin e oil provides antioxidant properties.

We added a touch of Tobacco and Bay Leaf fragrance to it, that lasts all day. Your beard is a flavor savior!

This Organic Beard Oil also available in Fragrance FREE option.

GRUNT STYLE Organic Bear Oil