This luxurious creamy recipe will amaze you with it's divine sensual blend of refreshing notes of chilled yuzu and pomegranate mingled with soothing blossoms of peony. 


It is a part of our DESIGNER COLLECTION and it features VERSACE Bright Crystal type fragrance oil; 


Made with Organic Oils and Fresh Goat Milk from our farm this soap will nourish your skin.

Our signature ingredient Bamboo Activated Charcoal will gently detoxify your skin from a long day out. 


VERSACE Bright Crystal type fragrance oil features top notes of yuzu, iced accord, and pomegranate. Middle notes of rose, peony, magnolia, acajou, and lotus flower rest atop sensual base notes of vegetal amber and musk.


***Grunt Goat Tactical, LLC is not associated with Versace.

BOMBSHELL Luxury Goat Milk Soap