Perfect Beard Care Set by Grunt Goat Tactical will make your grooming routine is a breeze. 

In this set you will find essential tools like Beard and Hair Comb made out of Green Sandalwood. The comb has two side with different size teeth that fits to comb different lenghts and thickness of beard and hair. Our Boars Bristle Brush is incredibly useful tool when you have to smooth short beard hair, curly hair or get all the small cuts off your skin right after your trim. 

Our Organic "Grunt Style" Beard Oil and Whiskey Beard Balm contain very light oils that won't make your beard look or feel greasy. Argan Oil in both formulas dramatically improve elasticity of hair and skin. Both products are excellent moisturizers and can be benefitial to use on your skin. 

"Shooter Ready" charcoal goat milk soap has been a very popular bar for a while now. Made with organic oils, fresh goat milk from our farm, Activated Charcoal for purification and scented with Tobacco and Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil sure will make it your favorite.

Beard Care Set