CBD salves can be an excellent administration method for people wanting to experience the benefits of cannabidiol. They can be particularly useful for those looking to increase skin health and balance.


If you are looking for a CBD supplement to use daily for general well-being, you’re probably better off with a good oral tincture. By taking it orally the whole body will benefit from the CBD reach Hemp flower extract. Topicals are more useful for specific places on the skin, so proceed accordingly.


Our HEMP PAIN RELIEVING SALVE made with highest quality Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract. We work with company that organicly grow hemp right here, in Lexington KY USA. Veteran owned and operated On Duty CBD takes pride in their products and it is tested by independent labs regularly for purety and quality. On Duty CBD hemp flower extract meets highest quality standards in hemp industry.  


Our formulation of 420 CALIBER PAIN RELIEF HEMP SALVE helps to help to reduce inflammation and pain. Essential oils of Lavender and Clary Sage may alleviate stress and anxiety and deliver antibacterial properties. 


***420 CALIBER PAIN LELIEF HEMP SALVE is petroleum and gluten free***


Pain Relief Hemp Salve

  • INGREDIENTS (Organic *): *Hemp Seed Oil, *Full Spectrum CBD Oil 250 mg, Avocado Butter, * Coconut Oil, *Hemp Leaf, *Bees Wax, * Clary Sage and Lavender Essential Oils, Vitamin E

  • Using CBD Salve effectvely is pretty easy.


    Choose the specific area of application.  

    There is no point in applying a CBD topical over your whole body. As we said, these products are often expensive, and they tend to come in relatively small containers. It would be a waste to apply the salve everywhere. Instead, consider where it is best to apply it. If there is a particular problem area, you can apply it there to see what happens. If not, then there are some key spots you could try:

    • Temples
    • Neck
    • Joints (i.e. elbows, knees, wrists, ankles, hips)
    • Feet
    • Shoulders   

    When applying CBD salves to these areas, try to massage the salve in as much as possible. This should help to release tension while you’re applying the CBD.


    Give Yourself a Quick Clean

    Before you apply the salve, give the target area and your hands a quick wash. Your skin is constantly in contact with various germs and bacteria, and you don’t want this getting in the way of your topical application. You can just give the area a quick wipe with a wet cloth – it doesn’t require a full shower.


    Use the Right Amount

    With CBD salve, a little goes a long way. You probably won’t need a lot to have an effect, and you don’t want your skin to feel too oily as a result of too much. At first, apply just a small amount to a desired area, making sure to massage it in slowly. Topical applications take effect quickly, so if you don’t feel anything after a few minutes, you can always apply more.